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Roomer, the marketplace for hotel reservations.

Roomer provides a technology platform for selling and buying pre-paid non-refundable hotel reservations. This is a win-win-win situation, as the seller recovers cancellation fees, buyer gets a great deal, and hotel enjoys higher occupancy.

Roomer was founded by Gon Ben David and Ben Froumine in the IDC Zell entrepreneurship program after Gon had to cancel an expensive non-refundable trip, with no success begging the hotel to forgo the cancellation fees. Roomer is based in Tel Aviv and New York and has 20 employees who love travel and love creating the place where hotel reservations meet the shared economy.

Let’s see how it works.

For sellers, if you booked a non-refundable reservation with any hotel or OTA (Online Travel Agency) and for some reason you can’t make it, you will have to pay cancellation fees. What Roomer offers you, is the option to sell your reservation to someone else. The process is easy and the great thing is that Roomer does all the work for you. You simply post your reservations for sell, Roomer validates the reservation, and promotes and markets it through social media, search engines, 3rd party travel platforms, etc. If your reservation was booked, you will receive the money from Roomer a few days after check-out date and we will take care of operations regarding the transfer of the reservation from you to the new buyer.

For buyers, since roomer operates as a secondary market, you can find amazing deals with high discounts ranging from 10% to 90%. These days we are working on a feature that will let buyer negotiate with seller and bid for the price he is willing to pay.

So why buy a non-refundable reservation if you can’t recover costs in case of cancellation? Simply because of rates. Non-refundable reservations are usually much cheaper than the refundable ones, which makes you want to take the risk of loosing money in case your plans change.

Roomer also partners with travel agencies, hotels and OTA’s, by a simple integration to offer their users the opportunity of making a non-refundable reservation refundable. This way our partners can offer a more diverse and better product to users, while increasing sales and improving profit. This product is called “Roomer Flex” and is offered also on Roomer’s website and app.

Roomer has funding from venture capital investors and continues to grow, expanding, to more markets, developing advanced technologies (some are patented) and partnering with popular travel players. We enjoy travel. We believe that we can make travel greater for both travelers, who will pay less while having the flexibility to change plans, and hotels/OTA’s who will increase sales, make more profit and offer a more attractive product to users.

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