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BookingDirection Increases Direct Bookings on Hotels Websites

BookingDirection is an add-on for hotel websites that increases direct bookings by tens of percents, saves on commission payouts to Online Travel Agencies (such as, Expedia, etc.) and generates thousands of dollars in net revenue per hotel per month. Learn more...

BookingDirection is a travel technology SaaS company that builds tools that helps hotels increase direct bookings and reduce commission payouts to online travel agencies (OTAs).

BookingDirection uses price comparison widgets, callout messages and other OTA and eCommerce tactics to create an ‘OTA like’ experience on the hotel’s website. The product Increase direct bookings, reduces commission fees, increase profit and improves margins.

Customers see 41% increase in direct bookings on average.

Here is why every hotel should use BookingDirection:

  • The best performing tool in the industry.

  • Customers see 41% increase in direct bookings on average.

  • A simple copy-and-paste-of-code implementation.

  • Runs only on the hotel's website. No other integration is needed.

  • No term commitment, no small letters and no contractual binding terms.

Hotelier, register now for a BookingDirection account.

Stop paying high commission fees to OTAs and start getting more direct bookings.

Learn more about BookingDirection here:

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