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Mappo - Every place has a story

Mappo is a global platform for Geo content, of any cultural work. The company reinvents the concept of “map” by layering culture content on the map.

The company develops a platform to create contextual content layer, to enrich maps. The layer harvests various geo-content sources: textual, musical and video. Every piece of content is pinpointed on the exact location, where the scene took place.

The company completed various POCs in Israel; 2 agreements in Barcelona; content coverage of 7 major cities; 200 bus shelters in Paris.


Cultural assets are presented in an innovative, friendly ways. The content layer is created by a community of experts, publishers and local enthusiasts.

The layer is largely enhanced by an advanced learning algorithm that extracts locations and quotes from any book, song, metadata etc. The algorithm is capable of analysing billions of documents to create the largest geolocation dataset.

The platform already contains thousands of POIs in Paris, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dublin, New York City, London and Chicago.


The company has developed a cross device platform for geo-content curation, presentation and distribution. The platform enables the community to create rich geo-content by uploading texts, images and videos, socially share specific content items to build a dedicated vibrant community.

The platform enables our customers to consume geo-content via REST API and seamlessly integrate it in their websites and applications. The infrastructure is scalable, cloud-based capable of serving millions of requests in real-time.

The accurate positioning of an automatically extracted text on earth's map is a very big, less explored challenge in natural language processing. The company has developed a unique geo-referencing algorithm that can both automatically extract locations (toponym recognition) from texts, and place it on a map (geo-coding), hence speed up and scale geo-content globally.

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