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TravelX – Your Private AR Tour Guide Is Here

Augmented Reality concierge to the world around you.

TravelX, a groundbreaking marvel in Augmented Reality, introduces the world’s first personalized tour guide that knows everything about anywhere.

Finding your way around a new city can be challenging. What’s really cool to see in Sydney? What’s the best show right now on Broadway? Where do local Parisians dine? Especially with so many maps and apps out there.

“TravelX will forever change the way people travel,” says Gabi Ben Ami, Co-founder and CEO of TravelX, “and it’s going to change a whole lot more than that.”

TravelX revolutionizes travelers’ experience by making their trip seamless and interactive using an AR avatar – Melanie. Melanie is not just a tour guide, she’s backed by deep-learning and AI chatbot. She knows how to keep track and analyze what you like, where you’ve been, and adapt to your personal interests. Ask her anything – she knows what’s trending. She knows where to get the best burger in town, where they’re playing jazz tonight, and she’ll even take you there. Most importantly, engaging Melanie is intuitive, she’s as natural as traveling with a friend.

TravelX has already mapped and loaded over 1.6 million points of interest with relevant information worldwide, and they are not stopping there. Users can change avatars, select their appearance, voice and accents. They can be a casual Joe, or Thomas Jefferson, or Mickey Mouse guiding kids through Disneyland.

More so, its technology allows advertisers to smoothly replace street signs and structures with targeted ads and videos. It can replace the torch at the Statue of Liberty with a Coke bottle. Imagine walking down the street while all of a sudden everyone is wearing Nike shirts.

The company that started up in early 2016 has since been operating in stealth-mode, and has recently raised a $1M seed, gearing it up for Round A. They can now integrate with other apps as well, order your next ride for you, or buy your concert tickets, virtually changing the world as we know it today, using a (really) smart avatar.

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