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Gamitee – better booking, together

Gamitee is an Israeli start-up that is changing social e-commerce, forever. What we do is simple: Gamitee runs a plug-in on your website that allows your customers to talk and share with their friends in real-time!

With one click, Gamitee brings into one experience all the people that are important to the customer. Gamitee pushes engagement through the roof and will increase your sales like never before.

Here's how it works:

  • Customers start by inviting their friends and family to a session.

  • A widget opens up on the bottom of the screen and allows friends to shop and interact in a social way - making shopping decisions better and faster.

  • This increases the traffic and exposure of the site naturally.

  • Moreover, this interaction generates crucial data and insights that turn into actionable offers in real time - like up-sells and exit offers.

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