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Air Doctor- Anywhere feels like home:

Have you ever been ill while travelling abroad?

Have you ever had one of your relatives needing medical assistance in a foreign country?

87% of all those who have travelled abroad, have answered these two questions with: YES.

We are positive that everyone can sympathize with how stressful and helpless you feel while searching for a trustworthy medical provider, when you travel outside your homeland.

Air Doctor is offering a very simple solution, by which travelers will no longer need to stress about finding a qualified medical provider anywhere in the world.

Air doctor is a simple interactive online marketplace of verified and professional private practitioners, available to travelers who can now independently choose the medical provider who will treat them- as if they were home.

Air Doctor allows travelers to:

  • Review who are the practitioners located near them.

  • Choose the appropriate medical specialty (Dentist; Pediatrician; Gynecologist etc.).

  • Read about the practitioner’s professional experience.

  • Read other customers’ reviews for the treatment provided by the practitioner.

The traveler can set the appointment with the selected practitioner at the doctor’s clinic or at the traveler’s hotel room, and pay for the medical services.

With Air Doctor travelers will No longer be forced to use indexes or lists of medical providers which have not been validated by reliable sources.

Air Doctor recruits to its database only qualified and trustworthy practitioners who have been carefully evaluated by our team.

Air Doctor is now active all over Greece, where over 200 practitioners have joined our network, and in the next couple of months we will be launching our network in Israel and UK.

The Air Doctor application is available for free download in Android and IOS stores.

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