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Fixel -

Remarketing is a key channel for every travel site. This is a known fact. Effectively reaching out to users who came by our site can yield great results.

But not all users are born equal. Some are highly engaged and ready to buy. But most are just casual browsers, day dreaming of their summer get away during lunch time.

So, we created a tool to help serve your ads only to the users that actually matter.

Fixel is a fully automated segmentation tool that ranks your website audience according to their level of engagement, allowing you to stay focused on your truly valuable users.

All this through your existing Ad platforms and campaigns (Google, Facebook etc.).

And, well, it works. Our clients see an immediate increase in their campaigns results.

So we set out to spread the word, with new clients regularly coming in, and possibly a seed investment to jump start our rocketship.

Be smart, use Fixel.

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