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Bitemojo - The first ever culinary tasting app

Bitemojo, the first ever culinary tasting app, lets you experience a destination through its local cuisine. Following a curated route you travel independently at your own time and pace, with the bites along the way already included in the cost of the experience. On a bitemojo tour you never have to take out your wallet, because all costs have been covered – from the navigation between sites and bites, to the content and stories, and of course the bites themselves. To receive your bite at each designated eatery, all you have to do is present your phone to the seller. Bitemojo operates in five l

ocations: Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, and is set to expand to additional locations in the near future, including Budapest, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Singapore, and Bangkok. Behind bitemojo are the husband and wife team Yael and Michael Weiss, established travel entrepreneurs who are also the owners of the portal Go Jerusalem and are partners in YallaBasta, the largest culinary tourist company in Israel. One of the main engines driving the success of bitemojo is our work with the B2B market both in Israel and globally. Through these efforts we are able to create bite experiences tailored to the particular needs of businesses and companies in the travel and life style industries. Over the course of the past year bitemojo has worked with Nespresso, the Fatal hotel chain, Eshet Tours, the Birthright project, the Authority for the Development of Jerusalem, and others. Bitemojo also won the prestigious VISA EVERYWHERE contest as the start up with the best solution for connecting between tourists and locals through smart payment solutions. Bitemojo is always seeking to partner with leading brands in the tourism world, such as hotels, airlines, destinations and established travel agents.

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