Tuki Taking over


Tuki is a UK and Israel based company that  created  the world’s first travel-sharing marketplace, the “Booking.com” of the sharing economy. Travelers book with Tuki  when they’re looking for a unique, warm and exciting travel experiences while saving money (45%-61%) and feel assure that we’re presenting only the top rank and verified hosts / drivers for them. 


Tuki present the best sharing economy accommodations and transportation services for the user’s needs. Users can compare, customize and create travel packages with a great smile and ease, moreover, Tuki offers users the “Tuki Passport” - a universal profile for all sharing economy services, helping users to pick the right hosts and drivers and empower companies to make customize profitable decisions.


Among our services:

Airbnb, HomeAway, Uber, BlaBlaCar, Lyft etc’


Get in touch to make sure you’re a part of Tuki’s success ;)

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