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In a world where borders are disappearing, the global travel tech industry is fast becoming one of the most competitive industries. A Community of over 300 Israeli travel tech startups have set their sights on this US$8 trillion a year industry. With a booming tech ecosystem that has produced companies such as Mobileye, Waze, Gett, Moovit, and many more, Israel is currently the country with the most potential for innovation in the travel space.


The uniqueness of the Israeli travel tech ecosystem is characterized by the strong bond and mutual willingness among fellow startups to help one another. Startups work collaboratively to achieve goals towards bridging the gaps between startups and corporates. Today, Israel is one of the biggest exporters of technology in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cyber Security, e-Commerce, Fintech and Business Intelligence, all represented by many companies traded on the NASDAQ and other stock exchanges.

Established corporate players in the travel space look to this dynamic startup community as a pool of innovation, capable of achieving efficiency, profitability and value. As travel corporate interest grows, startups shift focus towards the travel industry, in the benefit of corporates and travelers.


Multinational travel corporations now understand how imperative it is to source innovation from outside of their organization. Adapting to create a culture of in-house innovation within an already established and entrenched large and complex culture is a complex undertaking.   As the speed and rate of change accelerates, large organizations recognize the value of nimble teams that can address solutions from an outside perspective. It is for this reason that the travel tech industry is currently thriving and experiencing such phenomenal growth over the last years.


To highlight and track the rapid evolution of the current Israeli Travel Tech Landscape, we launched the first ever Israeli Travel Tech (ITTS) Ecosystem Map. As the industry continues to grow, the ITTS team will continue to update the map and share updates regularly.

I invite each of you to approach me directly with regard to any relevant Israeli travel tech startup.
Come visit Israel and see for yourself the enormous value of sourcing innovation in our community. Please feel free to contact me at with any inquiries.


Get involved today and become a part of the innovative Israeli Travel Tech community !

Itai Green
ITTS Founder & Corporate Open Innovation Expert

Itai Green ITTS
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The Israeli Travel Tech Ecosystem

attracts leading corporates 

who set up activity in this thriving community

"Instead of going to Silicon Valley to open the next Tech Centre, we actually gonna do it here in Tel-Aviv"

Gillian Tans, CEO (September 2017)

(Channel 2 news)



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